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Gamoshi programmatic platform

GAM-Bidder is a sophisticated programmatic trading tool for the ad tech market. In the center of the GAM-Bidder is a small efficient core which is the “brain” combined of several algorithms. On top of this core, we created a pluggable environment which handles all the external connectors of the system. This structure allows GAM-Bidder to be highly flexible and dynamic. GAM-Bidder supports a variety of media types, standards and protocols today and can quickly adapt to future evolutions. GAM-Bidder is accompanied with an easy to use dashboard and reports system that provides full transparency through its sophisticated OLAP real-time analytics system. GAM-Bidder provides our customers one platform to do it all in efficient, cost effective way.

How does it work?
Our customers get their own instance of GAM-Bidder. They connect their supply and demand partners. Requests (supply) and responses (demand) are processed in real time and translated into a single unified “language” - (based on open RTB protocol). After an optimized match between request and response, the response is being translated back into the receiver protocol and language. This ability enables us to offer an easy and seamless integration with a variety of partners and standards. Our goal is to allow an optimal match between demand and supply across all platforms and protocols.

GAM-Bidder supports variety of integrations types:- Open RTB 2.0-2.5, custom XML, JSON ,JSON over HTTP, protobuf, regular tags, VAST and VPaid tags.

Gamoshi exchange

Gamoshi-X is a private marketplace built on top of GAM-Bidder platform. It connects multiply demand and supply sources creating optimal trading relationships.

Gamoshi self-serve programmatic platform
Gamoshi Programmatic DSP - Beta

Gamoshi DSP is based on our programmatic platform and offers an intuitive UI for campaigns creation and management, creatives management, automatic campaign optimization, analytics and targeting. Advertisers and agencies can use our self-serve solution to buy programmatically the optimal supply for their campaigns. You can use your own contracts or join Gamoshi exchange.