The elastic programmatic platform for ad tech

Gamoshi has created an easy to use elastic programmatic platform that bridges between different ad tech players, technologies, protocols and standards. We offer this platform as a white label SaaS solution.

We make it easy to connect
GAMBID - the elastic programmatic platform

The GAMBID platform makes it easy to connect in the convoluted ad-tech arena.

GAMBID connects all your media types like display, video or native whether they are represented as regular tags or an RTB and allows you to seamlessly manage and convert all delivery methodologies to both your own needs and those of your demand and supply partnerships.

Easy to connect

How it works?

In the center of GAMBID there is a small efficient core which is the “brain” combined of several algorithms. On top of this core, we created a customization layer which handles all the external connectors of the system. This structure allows GAMBID to be highly flexible and dynamic.

We connect both sides
We support demand RTB response and supply RTB request
Our elastic platform connect both sides. You can connect and manage your own demand and supply.

Connect both sides
We "speak" a variety of languages
We support a variety of protocols and standards
GAMBID platform can deliver display, video and native ads across desktop and mobile web in a variety of protocols and standards.
In GAMBID's core, requests (supply) and responses (demand) from a variety of protocols and standards are processed in real time and translated into a single unified “language” - (based on open RTB protocol). We offer an easy and seamless integration with a variety of partners and standards.
We understand the data
An intuitive dashboard
The easy to use informative GAMBID's dashboard help’s you manage all of your partners and connections (demand and supply) and offers a bird's eye view through our real-time OLAP reporting system.

Understand the data
GAMBID-CONNECT programmatic arena
GAMBID-CONNECT is an orchestrator of multi-layer private marketplaces and an RTB (=Real time bidding) auction engine that optimises the match between demand and supply.
GAMBID platform members can integrate their private marketplace into GAMBID programmatic arena and participate in a many-to-many RTB auction exposing their Demand and Supply to other members.