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Gamoshi exchange
Gamoshi Exchange

Gamoshi exchange is a private marketplace. It connects multiply demand and supply sources creating optimal trading relationships. It normalizes the supply into a single stream across display, banners and video and by using proprietary algorithmic brain generates highly optimized bid requests that are integrated with multiple demand sources. Gamoshi exchange supports variety of integrations types:- Open RTB 2.3, custom XML, JSON ,JSON over HTTP, protobuf, regular tags, VAST and VPaid tags.

Gamoshi programmatic platform
Gamoshi Bidder

Gamoshi bidder is a smart RTB bidder which is a white label solution of Gamoshi exchange. It enables our partners to manage their own demand and supply easy and effectively across all platforms supporting variety of integration types. Gamoshi bidder uses Gamoshi’s proprietary algorithms to optimize performance and has an easy intuitive dashboard.

Gamoshi self-serve programmatic platform
Gamoshi Programmatic DSP

Gamoshi DSP is based on our programmatic platform and offers an intuitive UI for campaigns creation and management, creatives management, automatic campaign optimization, analytics and targeting. Advertisers and agencies can use our self-serve solution to buy programmatically the optimal supply for their campaigns. You can use your own contracts or join Gamoshi exchange.