Advanced technology made simple


One solution

Our platform is highly compatible and works across a variety of platforms, media and protocols types.

Desktop  | Mobile Web

Video | Native | Banner

Open RTB 2.0-2.5  | Custom XML | JSON  |  Protobuf  |  Regular tags | VAST and VPaid tags

Connecting both sides

We have a demand bidder and a supply bidder.

Understanding the data

We offer a sophisticated OLAP analytics system that empowers business decisions.

Built on top of google big data solution

White label

Our partners can use our platform to connect and manage their own demand and supply.

Proprietary algorithms

Our platform combined with our proprietary algorithmic brain, which performs IT performance optimization, real time bidding optimization and automatic campaign optimization.

Contextual analysis  |  Content match algorithm  |  Machine learning  |  Predictive analytics  |  Big data mining and analysis


Our system is tuned to optimize every bid simultaneously.

Intuitive dashboard

Easy to use dashboard.

Customization & targeting

Our platform will always aim to target the optimal match for your ads. You can also add your own custom filters and capping through our dashboard UI.

Geo  |  Pricing model  |  Ad type  |  Platform  |  Supply partner  | Domains | Capping

Fraud detection

Our platform uses proprietary fraud detection algorithms and external fraud detection service to ensure that you will get authentic traffic.

Gamoshi fraud detection  |  Pixalate


Our programmatic experts are ready to help you.

Technical support  |  Rest API